6 Benefits of a Text Message Marketing Service

Thinking of expanding your business service channel? Why not try SMS marketing service? You can get massive benefits, including the following:

Has a Higher Open Rate Compared to Email

SMS, or text messages are sent and received in the millions all over the world. People love to see new text in their inbox and will open it without hesitation. Now try that with email and you won’t have as much success.

With email, there’s a chance that your address has already been blacklisted and sent straight to junk mail. SMS has a faster turnaround time as you’ll know whether the feedback is good or not.

More Efficient

SMS marketing is highly efficient in that it saves you time in each campaign. For one, you can schedule it to be released at a certain time or day to reach more audiences.

Also, you won’t have to come up with a unique message every time you work on a new campaign. You can also set it to be sent in groups depending on your target.

Saves Time

If you’re worried that marketing via SMS is time-consuming, don’t. The good thing is that there are SMS marketing services available for just about any business, regardless of size.

Hire a text message marketing service and you can let them take care of the grunt work, a.k.a. distribution, therefore allowing you more time to work on business side of things.

Delivery Takes Only a Second or Two

SMS beats out every other marketing media in that it only needs a second or two to be delivered to the audiences’ inbox.

Imagine being able to target a specific demographic in laser-like fashion. Text is also customizable so you can personalize as much as you want.

Sends a Personal Message

There’s nothing that people want more than to receive personalized recommendations, messages and advertisement. Today, it’s all about connecting with the audience and addressing their individual product concerns.

Also, SMS gets the edge as mobile phones are considered personal devices, and people tend to respond to text with greater urgency.

Simple, Easy and Effective

Sending and receiving text is fundamentally simple, and this is why it’s used all over the world. SMS is a widely adopted communication channel, and everyone who owns a smartphone knows how to open and read a text message.

Also, SMS is universally synced on all mobile network operators and has a massive reach compared to other mediums.

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