3 Ways to Keep Your Spine in a Healthy Condition

Back pain is among the most common reasons people pay a visit to your spine.md doctor or miss work, nowadays. A strained or sprained spine can be quite a painful experience and the whole condition may worsen if you don’t take good care of it. Thankfully, there are some simple, yet effective ways that can keep your spine in a healthy condition.

Rest your spine while sleeping

During your sleep, all the structures in your spine that had been working all day long have an opportunity to relax. Providing the spine with an appropriate mattress and pillow is the key to ensuring it stays supported all night long. Typically, a medium-firm mattress that’s firm enough to support the spine, but not overly hard is the best option. Depending on your sleeping position, you should adjust the height and type of pillow to make your spine comfortable during your night sleep. For side sleepers, placing a pillow between the knees can help keep the hips balanced. On the other hand, for back sleepers, placing a small pillow underneath the knees can help reduce extra stress on the lower back.

Strengthen your abs and back muscles

The core muscles, placed in the lower back and abdomen are the muscles that can help us maintain a good posture. In order to avoid overstressing your lower back and support your spine, it is a great idea to start exercising and strengthening those muscles. Targeted exercises that focus on the core body, including planks and leg raises are perfect for working out the whole abdominal area and the core body.

Pay attention to your sitting posture

The lower spine features some discs that get more stressed while sitting compared to standing. Therefore, long periods of sitting can make you develop a painful back condition. Particularly when sitting for long hours in front of a computer, you really need to keep your posture strong and straight. People tend to slouch or lean forward while watching TV or surfing the web and that can cause huge damage to their lumbar discs. Having a good office chair is also, really important and can help you support the natural curve of your back and strengthen your core and spine.

Those were some simple, everyday tips that can help individuals support their spine and overall back health. Even if your back pains you or you feel like your core is not strong enough, those small changes can help you strengthen your core and keep your spine in a healthy condition.

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